Lunch Menu / ランチメニュー

Daily Lunch Set (Everything comes with Miso Soup)                $11.95

Bento Box

Vegetable Bento Box

Roll Set 

Sashimi Lunch

Sushi Lunch

Healthy Meal Set


Taiyo Gozen Set                                                              $16.95



**** Noodles ****

Udon Thick flour noodles in soup

Kitsune (Deep-fried sweetened tofu)








Tempura (2pc deep-fried prawns & vegetables)


Nabeyaki ( Deep-fried prawn, poached egg,

                                              seaweed, dried mushroom, spinach)    






Yaki-sobaFried noodles with yakisoba sauce



Chicken or Beef





Curry RiceCurry Stew on steamed Rice, with Salad





Chicken or Beef


Katsu (Breaded deep-fried Pork Cutlets)




**** Donburi (Rice Bowls with Miso Soup) ****


On steamed rice


Teriyaki Tofu Don


  Deep-fried tofu with vegetables with teriyaki sauce  

Teriyaki Chicken Don


  Pan-fried chicken with vegetables with teriyaki sauce  

Teriyaki Tuna Don


  Pan-fried tuna with teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Salmon Don


  Pan-fried salmon with teriyaki sauce      

Oyako Don


  Chicken and onion with egg         

Tempura Don


  Deep-fried 2pc prawns & vegetables           

Katsu Don


  Deep-fried pork cutlets and onion with egg

Unagi Don


  BBQ eel with teriyaki sauce       


On sushi rice


Tuna Sushi Don Raw tuna sashimi


Salmon Sushi Don Raw salmon sashimi


Spicy Sushi Don Raw tuna & Salmon, Shrimp,

  tobiko (fish roe) with spicy mayo


Negitoro Sushi Don Chopped raw tuna,

  green onions. Spicy available


Salmon “Oyako” Don Salmon sashimi (raw filet),

  Ikura (salmon roe)


Chirashi Sushi Don Assorted sashimi





Business Hour

(Eat In,Take Out&Delivery)


All Day 12:00-20:00

(Delivery until 19:00)


Dinner 17:00-20:00

(Delivery until 19:00)




TEL: (250)716-8861