Dinner Menu / ディナーメニュー



**** Special Bento Box****

(your customized Bento Box)


Served with Seaweed Salad, Small Green Salad, Rice, Miso Soup                $18.95


①Please Choose one appetizer from the following:

-Gomaae (Veg)

-Kinpira (Veg)

-Spring Roll (Veg)

-Potato Croquette (Veg)

-Shrimp Shumai

-Sunomono (Shrimp or Veg)


②please Choose Two Main Dishes from the Following:

-Assorted Tempura

-Vegetable Tempura

-Salmon Kana (Grilled Salmon Cheek)

-Teriyaki Chicken

-Grilled Mackerel

-Tonkatsu(Pork Cutlets)

-Assorted Sashimi

-Dx California Roll

-Spicy Tuna Roll

-Spicy Salmon Roll

-Dynamite Roll

-Yam Tempura Roll

-Veg Tem Roll





**** Combo For two****


  Served with 2 Miso Soups, your choose 2 appteizers,

Edamame, Assorted Tempura, Dx California Roll, Dynamite Roll,

Nigiri Sushi(Tuna, Salmon,Ebi)


Please choose two appetizers from the following:



-Seaweed Salad

-Sunomono (Shrimp or Veg)








**** Salad ****


Green Salad Green mix


Daikon Salad Julienned white radish & green mix


Spicy Tuna Salad Spicy Tuna & green mix


Taiyo Salad smoked salmon, shrimp, Avocado,

  seaweed, Tomato, Sesame & green mix



**** Noodles ****

Udon Thick flour noodles in soup

Kitsune (Deep-fried sweetened tofu)








Tempura (2pc deep-fried prawns & vegetables)


Nabeyaki ( Deep-fried prawn, poached egg,

                                              seaweed, dried mushroom, spinach)    






Yaki-sobaFried noodles with yakisoba sauce



Chicken or Beef





Curry RiceCurry Stew on steamed Rice





Chicken or Beef


Katsu (Breaded deep-fried Pork Cutlets)




**** Donburi (Rice Bowls) ****


On steamed rice


Teriyaki Tofu Don


  Deep-fried tofu with vegetables with teriyaki sauce  

Teriyaki Chicken Don


  Pan-fried chicken with vegetables with teriyaki sauce  

Teriyaki Tuna Don


  Pan-fried tuna with teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Salmon Don


  Pan-fried salmon with teriyaki sauce      

Oyako Don


  Chicken and onion with egg         

Tempura Don


  Deep-fried 2pc prawns & vegetables           

Katsu Don


  Deep-fried pork cutlets and onion with egg

Unagi Don


  BBQ eel with teriyaki sauce       


On sushi rice


Tuna Sushi Don Raw tuna sashimi


Salmon Sushi Don Raw salmon sashimi


Spicy Sushi Don Raw tuna & Salmon, Shrimp,

  tobiko (fish roe) with spicy mayo


Negitoro Sushi Don Chopped raw tuna,

  green onions. Spicy available


Salmon “Oyako” Don Salmon sashimi (raw filet),

  Ikura (salmon roe)


Chirashi Sushi Don Assorted sashimi




**** Appetizers ****

For Vegetables lovers


Edamame Boiled green soy beans


Kinpira Burdock root and carrot with sesame oil


Seaweed Salad Fresh green seaweed


Potato Croquette Deep-fried potato cakes


Spring Rolls 6pc Deep-fried spring roll


Gomaae Blanched spinach with sesame sauce


Agedashi Tofu Deep-fried tofu with garnish


Vegetable Tempura Assorted vegetables




For Seafood lovers


Salmon Belly Grilled Salmon Belly


Sunomono Rice-noodle,Shrimp,Cucumber in Vinegar


Takoyaki 6pc Octopus in pancake balls


Spicy Ebi-mayo 4pc Deep-fried prawn with spicy mayo


Tuna Tatsuta-age Marinated deep-fried Tuna


Ebi Shumai 6pc Steamed shrimp dumplings


Calamari Deep-fried squid legs


Assorted Tempura 2pc Prawns + vegetables


BBQ Squid with Teriyaki & Garlic butter sauce


Ebi Tempura 6pc Prawns



For Meat lovers


Nankotsu Karaage Deep-fried chicken gristle


Gyoza 6pc Pan-fried pork dumplings


Chicken Karaage Deep-fried chicken


Teriyaki Chicken Pan-fried chicken w/teriyaki sauce


Tonkatsu Deep-fried pork cutlets


Business Hour

(Eat In,Take Out&Delivery)


All Day 12:00-20:00

(Delivery until 19:00)


Dinner 17:00-20:00

(Delivery until 19:00)




TEL: (250)716-8861