Bistro Taiyo sushi bar&izakaya/ビストロ太陽


  "Bistro Taiyo" was established as a Japanese Restaurant in Nanaimo in 2001.
In Japanese, "Taiyo" means "Sun".

The name was decided on because it reflects our desire to be a useful existence for people everywhere and bring light to the world like the sun, which gives its blessings to all life on earth.
We would like to provide all customer with real Japanese foods and smile!!



What's New/ニュース

<The notice for our Valued Customers about COVID-19>


 March 20th 2020

 With the Government of British Columbia having declared a state of emergency,
Bistro Taiyo has decided to temporarily close dine-in
but we are open for Take-out/Delivery orders until further notice.
<Temporarily Business Hours>
Monday-Friday 12:00-20:00 (Delivery until 19:00)
Saturday         17:00-20:00 (Delivery until 19:00)
Sunday           Closed
We also provide the weekend Ramen to Temporarily Business hours.(take-out only)
For more information please call us to 2507168861 or please visit our facebook or 
Instagram page.
We hope to be able to provide our customers with great food and a good time once the current situation has been resolved.
We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.
Bistro Taiyo



<Birthday Party Set Available!!>


Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Set comes with Party Tray For2, Green Tea Tiramisu×3 or Pear Tart×6, Melon Soda×2, Birthday Hat& Candles!!
Happy Birthday Set requires a reservation the day before.
Please call us to 2507168861 or direct message us.








<Party Tray is available!>


We have some Party Tray, come to get it and let's have a sushi party!

Party Tray For 2(29pcs)



(California Roll,Kappa Roll,Spicy Tuna Roll,Dynamite Roll,6pcs of Nigiri Sushi)


Party Tray For 3(44pcs)



(2 California Roll, Kappa Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Dynamite Roll, 9pcs of Nigiri Sushi)


Change Available for Vegetarian



<Our Recommendation For Dinner>

 **** Special Bento Box****

(your customized Bento Box)


Served with Seaweed Salad, Small Green Salad, Rice, Miso Soup                $18.95


①Please Choose one appetizer from the following:

-Gomaae (Veg)

-Kinpira (Veg)

-Spring Roll (Veg)

-Potato Croquette (Veg)

-Shrimp Shumai

-Sunomono (Shrimp or Veg)


②please Choose Two Main Dishes from the Following:

-Assorted Tempura

-Vegetable Tempura

-Salmon Kana (Grilled Salmon Cheek)

-Teriyaki Chicken

-Grilled Mackerel

-Tonkatsu(Pork Cutlets)

-Assorted Sashimi

-Dx California Roll

-Spicy Tuna Roll

-Spicy Salmon Roll

-Dynamite Roll

-Yam Tempura Roll

-Veg Tem Roll





**** Combo For two****


  Served with 2 Miso Soups, your choose 2 appteizers,

Edamame, Assorted Tempura, Dx California Roll, Dynamite Roll,

Nigiri Sushi(Tuna, Salmon,Ebi)


Please choose two appetizers from the following:



-Seaweed Salad

-Sunomono (Shrimp or Veg)


Business Hour

(Eat In&Take Out Licensed)


Lunch 11:30-14:30

Dinner 17:00-21:00

(Friday till 22:00) 


Lunch  12:00-15:00(Ramen)

Dinner 17:00-22:00


All Day 12:00-19:00(Ramen)




TEL: (250)716-8861